Multilingual FAQ chatbots: solve customer inquiries in seconds with AI

Knowledge-based chatbots: the most efficient approach to answer questions and streamline customer support

Respond to customer inquiries using Versatik’s conversational AI that mimics human-like interactions. By handling the majority of routine questions through natural dialogue, Versatik allows your customer service agents to focus on resolving more intricate issues.

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Why knowledge-based chatbots will help you to grow your exports?

FAQ chatbots are automated systems programmed to address frequent queries related to a particular product or service. These bots are commonly deployed on websites or within customer support platforms.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: The primary motive for employing FAQ chatbots is to save both time and operational expenses. Automated responses to common questions eliminate the need for manual replies, allowing your team to concentrate on other important tasks.
  • Minimized Human Error / NO HALLUCINATION: One of the key advantages of chatbots over human operators is the reduction of errors. Chatbots provide answers based on the data they’ve been fed, ensuring accurate and consistent information as long as the initial data is correct. Moreover, chatbots are programmed to maintain a professional tone and will not react negatively to challenging customer interactions.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Chatbots can often be programmed to communicate in multiple languages, which is a significant asset in multilingual markets. For instance, in Canada, a chatbot that can respond in both English and French can broaden your customer reach.
  • Sales Boost and customer leads: Chatbots can be instrumental in guiding customers along the conversion path. For example, if a customer asks, “Do you ship to Portugal?”, the chatbot can not only confirm this but also direct the customer to relevant pages, like saying, “Yes, we do. Have you checked our price range?”
  • Elevated Response Rates: Automated responses mean instantaneous replies, which significantly improves your response rate. The immediate gratification of instant answers can positively impact customer perception of your brand.

Multichannel chatbots

To ensure the widespread usage of your chatbot, it is crucial to make it available on all user-frequented platforms. This encompasses both mobile and desktop environments, along with intranet sites. Such ubiquity of your chatbot facilitates easier and more intuitive interaction for users seeking to resolve their queries.

Versatik bots are notable for their flexibility, effortlessly integrating with top instant messaging services in the market, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and websites. This extensive compatibility makes your chatbot a highly accessible digital helper, always within easy reach to swiftly and effectively respond to user inquiries.

How to use FAQ Chatbots to Achieve Success?

Interactions between users and chatbots are generally straightforward and efficient. However, to overcome the perception of being impersonal, industry research suggests that developers of FAQ chatbots should focus on the following aspects:

    • Human-Friendly Communication
      While maintaining professionalism is important, chatbots should also be programmed to converse in a natural, relatable language to make interactions more engaging.
    • Personality Alignment
      The tone and style of the chatbot’s dialogue should align with the brand’s ethos. For instance, a chatbot for a healthcare facility should have a different conversational style compared to one serving in a retail customer service environment.
    • Simple and Direct Engagement
      The primary goal of a chatbot should be to capture basic user information and queries, rather than overwhelming the user with multiple options or services. By keeping the conversation focused, chatbots can provide relevant information and potentially generate leads more effectively.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to answer questions effectively

In the realm of generative AI technologies and knowledge-driven chatbots, the “Retrieval Augmented Generation” (RAG) technique stands out for its efficiency in answering user inquiries. This cutting-edge method enriches the vector base of a large language model (LLM) with fresh content, thus bypassing the need for retraining. Following this process, the model and chatbot gains the capability to derive answers directly from this newly added content.

The key benefit of RAG is its proficiency in harnessing the conversational and reasoning prowess of the underlying LLM while maintaining precise control over the end responses. It consistently delivers exceptionally accurate and error-free answers, drawing on a well-curated and thoroughly mastered document corpus.

Knowledge based chatbots features

Whatsapp chatbots

Engage with your audience instantly on one of the world’s most widely used messaging platforms.

Data security

Robust measures are in place to safeguard user data against unauthorized access.

Chat History

Review and reference past interactions with your chatbot, ensuring it has access to all the relevant information.


Equip your chatbot with specialized capabilities, such as image generation or web page retrieval.

Contact collection

Feature for gathering user information simplifies the process of contact collection.


Empower your chatbots with the latest and most advanced language model available.

Sitemap integration

Automatically incorporate website content into a searchable knowledge base for your chatbot.

Website integration

Embed Versatik chatbots directly onto any website, with extensive customization options and themes.

Import documents

Import files in PDF, DOCX, CSV, and other popular formats directly into your chatbot’s datasets.

Media file import

Include MP3, MP4, MPEG, WAV, and other media files in your chatbot’s datasets for enhanced functionality.

Semantic search

Enhance the relevance and accuracy of your chatbot’s responses with semantic search capabilities.

Chatbot training

Monitoring the interactions to make data-driven improvements.

Answer questions in seconds with Versatik FAQ chatbots

Choosing the right FAQ chatbot for your business involves several key considerations:

Business Objectives for Chatbot Integration

  • Retail Scenario: For a retail company using an FAQ chatbot as a marketing tool, the chatbot needs to excel in understanding various types of customer questions. It should also be proficient in matching customers with products that address their specific needs, understanding pricing, discounts.
  • Contact Center Scenario: In a setting like a contact center that primarily serves existing users, the objective may be to reduce the volume of calls to live agents. Here, even a rule-based bot could suffice, especially if customer queries are concentrated around a few topics. By pulling answers from FAQs and help pages, such a bot can significantly cut down on agent call volume.

FAQ Database Complexity

  • Volume and Complexity: The size and intricacy of the FAQ database influence the chatbot’s required intelligence level. AI-driven chatbots generally perform better with a larger volume of training data, while rule-based chatbots are more suitable for scenarios with lower complexity and volume.

Integration Channels

  • Multi-Channel Strategy: Companies operating across various channels may prefer a unified technology solution for easier maintenance, consistent user experience, and seamless channel transition. Companies like Versatik, which offer both chatbot solutions and a multi-channel conversational commerce platform, have an edge in this context.
  • Single-Channel Focus: Companies concentrating on just one customer interaction channel have a broader range of chatbot providers to choose from. However, as customer expectations evolve towards multi-channel service, it’s likely that businesses will increasingly opt for chatbots that can operate across multiple platforms such as Discord or Whatsapp.

By carefully weighing these factors, businesses can make a more informed decision when selecting an FAQ chatbot that aligns with their specific needs and objectives.

Why using FAQ Chatbots?

FAQ chatbots serve various functions based on a company’s objectives and can be utilized differently for customer and employee interactions.

  • For Customers

FAQ chatbots act as round-the-clock virtual assistants, responding to common questions almost instantly and handling multiple users at the same time.  These chatbots are also effective for lead generation. During interactions, they collect personal data and forward it to the sales department. This information can later be used to develop personalized marketing strategies, deliver exclusive deals, and guide the lead down the sales pipeline. AI-enabled FAQ chatbots can also engage in cross-selling, thereby contributing to revenue growth. 

  • For Employees

FAQ chatbots can serve as either a replacement or a supplementary resource for an internal knowledge base or orientation package. Especially in larger organizations, new employees typically have numerous questions—ranging from work schedules and holiday policies to weekly meeting protocols and product-related technicalities. In such scenarios, chatbots can be invaluable, providing newcomers with the answers they require.

  • For Marketers

FAQ chatbots are invaluable for marketers because they provide real-time analysis of customer conversations, offering insights into customer intent and preferences that can inform targeted marketing strategies.


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