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Multi-language chatbot agency: how to connect with foreign customers

A multilingual chatbot is an AI software that uses NLP (natural language processing) to respond to customer questions in multiple languages.  Companies often integrate them with their websites or apps to provide automated customer support, where they solve simple queries, reducing the number of tickets your support teams receive.

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Versatik offers a professional service designed for scalable businesses seeking expert assistance in building and managing their multilingual chatbots. A comprehensive service that includes everything from the initial creation of your chatbot to monthly follow-ups, ensuring seamless operation and continuous improvement.

Why are Multilingual Chatbots Beneficial for Your Business?

One of the most significant advancements in the world of conversational AI is a chatbot’s ability to understand multiple languages. For this reason, a multilingual chatbot is a crucial asset for businesses aiming to reach an international clientele.

Reach a wider audience: Increase lead generation and conversions. 72% of internet users prefer to make purchases in their native language, and your AI chatbot is a powerful tool for convincing international customers.

Enhance your customer satisfaction with 24/7 support: Multilingual support allows you to address a larger volume of inquiries. Offering assistance in the customer’s language leads to increased loyalty. Provide continuous customer support, accessible at any time, thereby speeding up problem resolution and delivering relevant responses to customers.

Differentiate yourself: A chatbot capable of communicating in the customer’s preferred language helps to improve your brand’s image. This user-centric approach offers a significant competitive advantage in the international market.

Strengthen your brand identity: A custom multilingual AI chatbot can embody a personality that aligns with your brand. By aligning the style and identity of your brand, customers engage with an AI representative of your company. It’s even possible to add a synthetic and cloned voice for enhanced personalization!

Offer unique functionalities: The Versatik team creates a multilingual chatbot with unique features for you. From diagnostics to product or service recommendations, personalized advice, artificial voices: the possibilities are endless!

Reduce costs: You can significantly reduce your customer service costs with an intelligent multilingual chatbot integrated into your website.

Multilingual chatbots with enhanced functionalities from your AI agency Versatik

Leveraging external APIs to boost the functionalities of your multilingual AI chatbot is achievable! The use of external APIs can endow it with novel functionalities.

By integrating external APIs, for instance, granting access to a news service or a database, your chatbot can access specific information in real time. These external APIs enrich your chatbot’s knowledge base, creating new user experiences.

Imagine a chatbot that analyzes a PDF document, extracts information, integrates it into a database, and responds to a client in their language with relevant information.

Powered by the leading LLMs  

A Large Language Model (LLM) is an artificial intelligence model designed to understand and generate natural language, and its interconnection with a chatbot enables the generation of tailored responses. It acts as the customizable engine of the chatbot, providing relevant answers that accurately reflect the brand’s identity and values.

Currently, Versatik offers integration with leading LLMs such as those offered by OpenAI, Mistral Ai, Anthropic, and Google Gemini.

Multilingual chatbots features

Whatsapp chatbots

Engage with your audience instantly on one of the world’s most widely used messaging platforms.

Data security

Robust measures are in place to safeguard user data against unauthorized access.

Chat History

Review and reference past interactions with your chatbot, ensuring it has access to all the relevant information.


Equip your chatbot with specialized capabilities, such as image generation or web page retrieval.

Contact collection

Feature for gathering user information simplifies the process of contact collection.


Empower your chatbots with the latest and most advanced language model available.

Sitemap integration

Automatically incorporate website content into a searchable knowledge base for your chatbot.

Website integration

Embed Versatik chatbots directly onto any website, with extensive customization options and themes.

Import documents

Import files in PDF, DOCX, CSV, and other popular formats directly into your chatbot’s datasets.

Media file import

Include MP3, MP4, MPEG, WAV, and other media files in your chatbot’s datasets for enhanced functionality.


Enhanced functionnalities with API integrations.

Chatbot training and follow up

Monitoring the chatbot interactions to make data-driven improvements.

How to create a multilingual chatbot?

Step 1: Define the goal and objectives
Before starting to build a chatbot, it’s essential to define its purpose and objectives:

– What specific tasks or interactions should the chatbot handle?
– What problem or constraint will the chatbot solve for users?
– How will the chatbot improve user experience or simplify operations?
Clear objectives will guide the development process and help you measure the success of the chatbot.

Step 2: Choose a platform
Choosing the right platform is a critical decision in developing a chatbot. Consider the following factors:

– Technical expertise: Assess the technical skills of your team and choose a platform that aligns with your team’s abilities.
– Integration: Ensure that the platform you choose integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and databases.
– Scalability: Choose a platform that can scale to meet increasing demand in case of future growth.
– AI and NLP capabilities: If you plan to create a chatbot with artificial intelligence, opt for a platform offering strong natural language processing capabilities.

Step 3: Design the conversation flow
Designing the conversation flow is a crucial step in creating an effective chatbot. Consider the following aspects:

– Intentions: Identify the different intentions or goals underlying user interactions. For example, users may want to “Get information about a product” or “Place an order.”
– Entities: Define the specific entities or information the chatbot needs to collect from users. Entities can be names, dates, product names, etc.
– Dialogue trees: Create dialogue trees that outline how the chatbot will respond to different user intentions and inputs. Design pathways that guide users through their interactions.

Step 4: Develop and test the chatbot
Once the conversation flow is designed, it’s time to develop the chatbot. This step involves:

– Programming: Writing code to implement the chatbot’s functionalities based on the design specifications.
– Training: For an AI-powered chatbot, train it with relevant data to improve its understanding and response generation capabilities.
– Testing: Thoroughly test the chatbot to identify and correct any issues or inconsistencies. Consider functional tests (to ensure it performs the intended tasks) and usability tests (to gather feedback from real users).
The testing phase is crucial to refine the chatbot’s performance and ensure a smooth user experience, especially in the case of a multilingual chatbot.

Step 5: Deploy and monitor the chatbot
Once the chatbot has been developed and thoroughly tested, it’s ready for deployment. Deployment options include:

– Website integration: Integrating the chatbot on your website so visitors can use it during their visit.
– Messaging applications: To reach a broader audience, integrate the chatbot into well-known messaging services like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
– Voice assistants

Why choose a multilingual chatbot with Versatik chatbot agency

Versatik specializes in creating customized multilingual chatbots, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems for a smooth customer experience.

Personalization: Tailoring the chatbot to reflect your brand’s voice across multiple languages.

Integration and Features: Flawless integration with your CRM and other business tools.

Support and Maintenance: Continuous support to ensure the chatbot’s efficiency and performance.

Multilingual Team: Translation and revision by a multilingual team.

Global reach with multilingual lead chatbots

In this section, we present ideas to showcase the vast potential of multilingual chatbots in enhancing user experience, expanding global reach, and providing tailored services across various industries. 

E-commerce Customer Service Chatbot: Assists customers in browsing products, answering queries, and facilitating purchases in multiple languages.
Lead Generation Chatbot: Engages with potential clients in their native language to capture and qualify leads for businesses.
Knowledge Base Chatbot: Offers instant answers from an extensive knowledge base in several languages, improving customer support efficiency.
Travel and Tourism Assistant: Provides multilingual assistance for booking, travel recommendations, and local information for tourists.
Healthcare Information Bot: Offers medical advice, appointment scheduling, and patient support in multiple languages.
Banking and Finance Advisor: Assists customers with account inquiries, transactions, and financial advice in their preferred language.
Educational Tutor Bot: Offers educational support, language learning assistance, and course information in various languages.
Real Estate Assistant Chatbot: Helps potential buyers and renters find properties and get real estate advice in different languages.
Multilingual Event Planning Assistant: Aids in organizing events, answering attendee queries, and providing event information in multiple languages.
Customer Feedback Collection Bot: Gathers customer feedback and reviews in various languages to improve products and services.
Human Resources Support Bot: Assists employees with HR-related queries, policy information, and benefits in their native languages.
Legal Advisor Chatbot: Provides basic legal information and guidance in different languages, helping users understand legal terms and processes.
Crisis Response Chatbot: Offers emergency information and guidance in crisis situations, communicating in multiple languages for broader accessibility.
Restaurant Reservation and Menu Bot: Assists in booking tables and providing menu information in several languages for diners.
Multilingual Technical Support Bot: Offers technical assistance and troubleshooting help in multiple languages for global product support.
Cultural Guide Chatbot: Provides cultural information, etiquette tips, and local customs advice in various languages for travelers.
Sports Information Bot: Delivers updates, game schedules, and sports news in multiple languages to fans around the world.
Automotive Assistance Chatbot: Provides car maintenance tips, dealership information, and model details in different languages.
Multilingual Content Discovery Bot: Recommends movies, books, and music based on user preferences in their preferred language.
Non-Profit and NGO Support Bot: Offers information about causes, donation processes, and volunteer opportunities in multiple languages to engage a global audience.

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