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Boost your call center performance with a Voicebot


By integrating these automated communication systems, your call center will benefit from round-the-clock availability, ensuring uninterrupted customer care.

These voicebots deliver near-human quality voice interactions, automating repetitive processes while enriching the customer experience.



The challenge

Exploiter un centre d’appels implique souvent la tâche ardue de répondre rapidement et efficacement à un volume élevé de demandes clients. Le nombre important d’appels peut entraîner des temps d’attente prolongés, ce qui peut décourager les clients, générer du stress auprès des agents, et nuire à la réputation de l’entreprise.

The solution

Integrating voicebots into your customer service infrastructure offers many benefits, from increasing efficiency to improving customer experiences. However, this transformative technology is not without its implementation challenges.

    The results

    A voicebot can have a significant impact by not only improving customer satisfaction but also helping to increase call center revenues and strengthen customer loyalty, which are key metrics for any successful call center.

      What is an AI Voicebot for a call center

      A voicebot is a sophisticated technological system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is designed to engage in conversation with humans and is capable of understanding and responding in spoken language. This advanced system can autonomously handle a wide range of customer queries, from simple requests to more complex problems. It is capable of providing detailed information, clarifying doubts, and solving problems, all without the need for direct human intervention. This makes it an invaluable and transformative tool for call centers.

        AI voice agents for call centers: key benefits

        By integrating an AI voice chatbot, your company radically transforms the way it interacts with its customers:

        Immediate Access to Information: Equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities, AI voicebots provide precise, personalized answers. They have instant access to up-to-date data, ensuring that your customers receive relevant, high-quality information.

        Ease of Use: Voice communication greatly simplifies interaction, significantly improving the user experience and making navigation intuitive.

        Reduced Costs: Automation by voice chatbots reduces operational costs, freeing your employees from monotonous tasks and allowing them to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

        Increased Employee Satisfaction: Versatik’s voicebots can answer complex questions that require information to be retrieved from internal systems such as CRM, and are powered by a scalable knowledge base. By automating inbound calls, our voicebot allows agents to focus on complex tasks requiring specialist assistance and human empathy.


        Efficient Management of High Call Volumes: Call volumes in call centers often fluctuate due to a variety of variables, requiring additional staff. Fortunately, a voicebot can manage these fluctuations, optimizing your call center’s productivity.

        Personalization: Voicebots don’t just process and respond to the words provided to them but are designed to discern underlying intent and context. This enables AI to provide responses that are not only accurate but also tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the user.

        Brand Enhancement: Adopting this advanced technology demonstrates your commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, strengthening your brand image in the marketplace.

        Optimize Operations: AI-powered voice chatbots improve the management of customer requests, streamlining operational processes and improving the overall experience.

        Easy Access: Voicebots can be accessed either via a dedicated phone number or directly from your website, offering unprecedented ease of access for users.

        The challenge of implementation

        Integrating voicebots into your customer service infrastructure offers many benefits, from improving efficiency to enhancing customer experiences. However, this transformative technology is not without its implementation challenges. Overcoming these obstacles is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful integration.

        Integration with Existing Systems: Integrating voicebots seamlessly into existing systems poses a significant challenge. The complexity lies in the need to integrate quickly with different assets and configurations, as well as with internal systems such as CRM.

        Quality and Accuracy: Achieving optimal performance in understanding and processing different accents and speech patterns is another crucial challenge. Voicebots need to be finely tuned to ensure accuracy in understanding user queries and providing relevant responses.

        Customer Acceptance: While some customers appreciate the convenience of automated interactions, others may prefer human interaction. To address this, it is essential to provide an option that allows users to easily switch to live agents if necessary.

        Finding the right balance between automation and the human touch is key to meeting the diverse preferences of your customer base. Versatik is here to help.

        Examples of Using a Voicebot for a Call Centre

          1. Lead Qualification and Appointment Setting Using Voice AI

          This use case involves an AI system that handles incoming voice calls to qualify leads and arrange appointments automatically. When a customer calls the call centre, an AI voicebot immediately takes over. The system asks qualifying questions and, depending on the answers obtained, decides whether to transfer the call to a human agent or schedule an appointment. This automation improves efficiency by reducing the need for manual intervention, saving time and money while providing a faster response to requests. Additionally, by qualifying leads accurately and quickly, the voicebot allows agents to focus on complex tasks requiring specialist assistance, increasing customer satisfaction and overall call centre efficiency.

          2. Answering questions

          Customers with questions or problems can call a dedicated number and be guided through their query by an AI voicebot. The AI can provide immediate answers to common questions, handle complex queries, or direct the call to a human agent for more specialist assistance if required. This not only improves operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks but also helps to improve the customer experience by reducing waiting times and offering instant solutions.

          3. Calling for Leads

          In this case, AI is used to automate the process of managing incoming calls. The system can automatically answer a large number of customer calls, ask questions to assess their needs, and provide accurate and relevant answers. It can also automatically update a database with the status of each call, as well as the information gathered. The use of AI here is designed to improve the efficiency of call management by reducing the routine workload of call centre agents and improving the initial query handling process. This allows agents to concentrate on more complex tasks requiring specialist assistance and human empathy. This approach also reduces waiting times for customers, improving their satisfaction and the overall efficiency of the call centre. Additionally, the AI system can filter and qualify calls, facilitating more personalized follow-ups by human agents.

          4. Conductng a suvey

          In this scenario, AI is used to conduct automated customer surveys. The system uses a voicebot to contact customers, ask relevant questions, and collect their answers. For example, when a new offer or service is launched, the voicebot can call customers to ask them questions about their satisfaction, needs, and preferences.

          5. Managing Non-Payments

          In this scenario, AI is used to automate the process of managing outstanding payments. The system uses a voicebot to contact customers with overdue invoices. The voicebot can call customers, inform them of their outstanding balance, suggest payment options, and answer frequently asked questions about the payment process. The system automatically updates a database with the status of each call and the customer’s responses, making it easier to monitor and manage overdue payments

          AI voicebots to handle incoming calls

          24×24 multilingual customer service

          • Provide information on products/services, promotional campaigns or service consumption
          • Manage call peaks
          • Reduce employee turnover
          • Make appointments
          • Transfer calls to human agents
          • Organises the information gathered in a CRM or other system
          • Analyses conversations
          • Accessible from a website or telephone number

          AI voicebots to make hundreds of calls

          Voice chatbots for call campaigns

          • Carry out telemarketing actions such as providing information about a promotional campaign, a new service, or making appointments
          • Reduce employee turnover
          • Making appointments
          • Information on products / services
          • Transfer calls to human agents
          • Organises the information gathered in a CRM or other system
          • Analysis of conversations
          • Accessible from a website or telephone number


            Characteristics of AI voicebots for call centres

            We use advanced models to transcribe conversations, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy.

            Latest generation synthetic voices
            Our voicebots offer strikingly realistic voices, available in 30 languages, thanks to collaboration with industry leaders such as ElevenLabs and OpenAI or Deepgram.

            Call automation in 30 languages
            We can automate incoming and outgoing calls internationally: you can have a local telephone number for closer contact with your customers.

            Seamless integration with other information systems: APIs, databases, etc.
            Your AI voice bot can interact with external APIs in real time, or databases to consult specific information, knowledge bases, or perform actions such as scheduling appointments, updating a CRM or providing information on the status of orders.

            Integration of language models such as ChatGPT
            The Large Language Model (LLM) is the dynamic heart of your AI voice bot. We integrate leading LLMs such as ChatGPT, Anthropic, Mistral AI into your AI voice solution.

            Easy access from a website/application or phone number
            Your voice chatbot can be accessed directly from your website or application, and/or from a specific telephone number, for Callbots.

            Inbound and outbound call management
            Manage a large number of calls, both incoming and outgoing, and cope with peaks in demand.

            Live call transfer
            Calls can be diverted to a human agent according to predefined criteria, for smooth, personalised management.

            Confidentiality and transparency
            Our AI voice agent solutions respect the confidentiality of conversations. We adopt rigorous approaches to data security, using encryption methods to safeguard customer information.

            Greater efficiency and profitability: the return on investment of AI telephone automation

            Implementing AI phone voicebots can have a significant impact on the profitability of a call centre, especially in a difficult economic environment. This technology helps to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, leading to greater customer satisfaction. In the long term, these benefits lead to increased profitability and a sustainable reduction in operating expenses.

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