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Transforming sales and operations in 2024: the power of AI phone agents​​

Automate inbound and outbound calls to relieve human agents and significantly reduce waiting times.

Voicebots streamline your operations, enhances customer support, and boosts lead generation campaigns.As specialists in AI automation, Versatik is capable of setting up AI voicebots for your company in 30 languages, streamlining your operations for customer support or lead generation campaigns.


The situation

Sometimes call centre staff are overwhelmed: peak periods, after-hours calls, seasonal campaigns. Customers can’t reach the service, leading to frustration and churn. Or they are not able to talk in their own language to receive information.

    The solution

    AI voicebots manage multiple calls 24/7 in various languages, handle numerous outbound calls simultaneously, take calls outside office hours, and relieve staff of routine tasks.

      The results

      This leads to increased first call resolution rates, reduced costs, shorter waiting times, 24 hours customer support, and higher customer satisfaction.

      What are AI voice bots

      A voice bot is a communication tool that utilizes conversational AI to capture, comprehend, and process human speech within a dialogue, and subsequently provides responses in natural language. Users can issue voice commands to these bots and receive appropriate responses.

      Voicebots offer instant, precise responses at a competitive price. Interacting with a voice bot feels akin to conversing with a human, as the bot replies in its own distinct “voice.”

      Leveraging advanced natural language processing techniques and sophisticated algorithms like those in ChatGPT, these AI voicebots facilitate personalized interactions during voice conversations. Serving a multitude of functions, from automated calls to customer support, AI-based voicebots are enhancing the competitive edge of businesses.

        Call centers

        AI voicebots can handle a large volume of calls efficiently, respond instantly to customer queries, and free up human agents from repetitive tasks so that they can concentrate on more complex issues.

          Insurance companies

          AI voicebots manage multiple calls 24/7 in various languages, handle numerous outbound calls simultaneously, take calls outside office hours, and relieve staff of routine tasks.

            Ecommerce sites

            AI voicebots provide product information, track orders, and initiate sales operations after basket abandonment, increasing conversions and improving customer experience.


            Leverage AI with an automated voice agent optimized for SMEs, featuring the latest advances in generative AI, including speech recognition, synthetic voices, and LLMs like ChatGPT.

              Hospitality and tourism sector

              Versatik offers an innovative voice AI agent for hotels, providing 24-hour services like local information and room service. Tailor-made voice chatbots for tourist information points and offices inform tourists in multiple languages around the clock.


                Versatik’s multilingual voice AI agent manages automated conversations in 30 languages, with local call numbers, designed specifically for exporting companies.

                AI Voicebots to Handle Incoming Calls

                24×7 Multilingual Customer Service

                • Appointment scheduling, reservations, tickets, and order management.
                • Product/service information through knowledge base access.
                • Call transfer to agents for complex tasks.
                • Data recording and organization in the CRM.
                • Email notifications to agents.
                • Accessible via web or phone.

                AI Voicebots to Make Outbound Calls

                Voice Chatbots for Call Campaigns

                • Conduct telemarketing actions and present products/services.
                • Share promotional codes.
                • Record responses in the CRM.
                • Encourage orders and repeat purchases.
                • Provide various information.
                • Conduct market research surveys.
                • Validate information in databases.

                  AI voice bots features


                  We utilize advanced models to transcribe conversations, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

                  Latest Generation Synthetic Voices

                  Our voicebots offer strikingly realistic voices in 30 languages, thanks to collaborations with industry leaders like ElevenLabs, OpenAI, and Deepgram.

                  Call Automation in 30 Languages

                  We automate incoming and outgoing calls internationally, providing local telephone numbers for closer customer contact.

                  Seamless Integration with Other Information Systems

                  Your AI voice bot interacts with external APIs, databases, and knowledge bases in real time, performing tasks like scheduling appointments, updating CRMs, or providing order status information.


                  Integration of Language Models like ChatGPT

                  The Large Language Model (LLM) is the dynamic core of your AI voice bot. We integrate leading LLMs such as ChatGPT, Anthropic, and Mistral AI into your solution.

                  Easy Access from Website/Application or Phone Number

                  Your voice chatbot can be accessed from your website, application, or a specific telephone number for Callbots.

                  Inbound and Outbound Call Management

                  Manage high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls and handle peaks in demand efficiently.

                  Live Call Transfer

                  Calls can be seamlessly transferred to a human agent based on predefined criteria for personalized management.

                  Confidentiality and Transparency

                  Our AI voice agent solutions respect conversation confidentiality, employing rigorous data security measures and encryption methods to safeguard customer information.

                    Why using AI voicebots

                    Efficiency and Automation

                    Versatik’s AI voice bots can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously, increasing business efficiency without raising costs.


                    AI voice bots offer customized interactions at scale. Unlike traditional systems, they use advanced algorithms to tailor responses based on customer reactions and information.



                      Voice chatbots provide accessibility for the visually impaired by enabling interaction and access to information without visual support.

                      Enhancing Human Interaction

                      AI voice agents handle routine tasks, freeing teams to build more meaningful customer relationships, improving the overall experience.

                      Real-Time Adaptability

                      AI voice bots adapt dynamically to conversations, ensuring smooth dialogue flow and analyzing sentiments for a natural interaction.

                        AI voice bots for different use cases

                        Automating lead generation for a tech startup

                        A tech startup specializing in cloud solutions is struggling with the manual process of lead generation, which is both time-consuming and inefficient. The challenge is to scale their outreach without compromising the quality of interactions.

                        Solution: Versatik’s AI phone agents is deployed to automate the initial outreach process. the agents were programmed to call potential leads, introduce the startup’s services, and gauge interest based on predefined criteria such as business size and current solutions used.

                        Outcome: the startup sees a 3X increase in qualified leads per month. the AI phone agents efficiently filtered through the leads, allowing the sales team to focus on high-potential prospects. customer feedback highlighted the personalization of calls, with many expressing surprise at the AI’s human-like interaction

                        Enhancing customer support for an online retailer scenari

                        An online retailer faced challenges in managing high volumes of customer inquiries, especially during peak seasons. they need a solution to provide timely, personalized support without significantly expanding their human support team.

                        Solution: implementing Versatik’s AI phone agents enabled the retailer to offer 24/7 customer support. The agents are integrated with the retailer’s database to access order histories and provide customers with updates on orders, returns, and product queries. for complex issues requiring human intervention, the system seamlessly transfers calls to human operators.

                        Outcome: the retailer reports a 40% reduction in wait times and a significant improvement in customer satisfaction scores. The AI agents handles common inquiries efficiently, freeing up human operators to tackle more complex issues. this led to improved operational efficiency and a better customer experience

                        Streamlining sales processes for a real estate agency

                        Scenario: a real estate agency wants to improve its sales process by ensuring timely follow-ups on property inquiries and automating routine communication tasks, such as appointment reminders and property information dissemination.

                        Solution: Versatik’s AI phone agents are customized for the real estate agency to make follow-up calls to prospects who showed interest in properties. The  AI agents provides detailed property information, answering common questions, and schedule viewings.

                        Outcome: the agency experiences a 25% increase in successful viewings and a notable improvement in customer engagement. Agency employees appreciates the reduced administrative burden, allowing them to focus on closing sales and providing a high-touch customer service experience.

                        Optimizing client communication for a sports coach

                        Scenario: A sports coach sought to improve client communication and session management without reducing coaching time.

                        Solution: Versatik’s AI phone agents automated session reminders, progress updates, and rescheduling, personalized with motivational messages.

                        Outcome: The coach noted a 30% increase in punctual session starts and enhanced client satisfaction, allowing more focus on quality coaching and a better client experience.

                        Maximizing efficiency and profitability: the ROI of AI phone automation

                        Incorporating AI automation, particularly through Ai phone bots, can positively impact a business’s return on investment, proving especially valuable in challenging economic conditions. The benefits of AI phone automation—such as lowering customer service costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting customer satisfaction—can significantly increase revenue while decreasing long-term expenses.

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