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Transform your approach to recruitment with AI-powered voice automation

Finding qualified candidates, especially in niche areas, is a constant challenge. Traditional recruitment methods don’t always reach the best talent.
Streamline your recruitment process, attract the best talent faster, reduce time to hire and find the perfect candidates for your business.



The challenge

Rushed recruitment can compromise quality, while effective remote recruitment and onboarding requires the right technologies to ensure a smooth and engaging process. What’s more, the shortage of skilled talent, particularly in specialist sectors, poses a constant challenge, as traditional methods are not always enough to reach the best candidates.

The solution

AI-powered automation optimises tasks and virtual agents pre-screen candidates, enabling you to find the ideal candidate in record time. AI voice agents help recruit candidates, assessing skills and uncovering exceptional talent that traditional methods fail to detect.

    The results

    More efficient recruitment management through automated qualification and appointment scheduling, allowing recruiters to focus on the most promising candidates.
    Recruiters and HR managers can pre-select candidates without being influenced by implicit bias, improving diversity in the workplace.

      What is an AI voicebot for an interim agency or recruitment firm?

      For a recruitment agency, the adoption of a voicebot powered by conversational artificial intelligence represents a major technological advance. This voice bot is optimised to recognise, analyse and process human language during exchanges, offering responses that appear natural and intuitive.

      This type of technology is ideal for responding instantly to candidates’ questions, making pre-selections, coordinating appointments or managing complex requests, while guaranteeing an interaction that is as fluid as that with a human being. The HR Voicebot is capable of conducting hundreds of interviews simultaneously! It calls candidates, explains the job details, asks and answers questions, and compiles a clear report for the recruiter.

        AI voice agents for human resources management: key benefits

        Speed: The time required for the recruitment process is cut by 60 to 80%. The Voicebot responds immediately to candidates, making them feel taken care of.

        Candidate Pre-selection: By integrating an AI voice chatbot, your company radically transforms the way it interacts with candidates. Audio questionnaires are carried out by the AI to find out more about the candidate’s expectations in relation to the position.

        Automated Interview Scheduling: The integration of calendars and notification systems simplifies the organization of interviews, saving time and effort for both candidates and recruiters.

        Immediate Access to Information: Equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities, AI voicebots provide precise, personalized answers. They have instant access to up-to-date data on the jobs on offer, guaranteeing relevant, high-quality information.

        Ease of Use: Voice communication considerably simplifies interaction, significantly improving the user experience and making navigation intuitive.

        Cost Savings: Pre-selecting candidates with the Voicebot is 2 to 5 times cheaper than doing it manually.

        Personalization Through Data: By exploiting your data, voicebots provide customized responses, adapted to the specific needs of each user.

        Enhanced Brand Image: Adopting this advanced technology demonstrates your commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, strengthening your brand image in the marketplace.

        Optimize Operations: AI-powered voice chatbots improve the management of customer requests, streamlining operational processes and improving the overall experience.

        Easy Access: Voicebots can be accessed either via a dedicated phone number or directly from your website, offering unprecedented ease of access for users.

        Inclusivity: The automated interface gives blind people easy access to the information they need, making your website more accessible and interactive.

        Efficient Management of High Call Volumes: AI voice agents are designed to effectively manage communication peaks, providing fast and reliable responses during high call volumes. Many candidates can be called simultaneously.

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        Examples of Using a Voicebot for a Recruitment Agency

          1. Qualifying leads and making appointments using voice AI

          This use case involves an AI system that manages incoming voice calls to qualify leads and arrange appointments automatically. When potential customers make inquiries via a website, instead of waiting for a manual follow-up, an AI voice caller can immediately call them back. The system asks qualifying questions and, depending on the answers, decides whether or not to schedule an appointment. This automation improves efficiency by reducing the need for manual intervention, saving time and money while providing a faster response to requests.

          2. Setting up appointments and answering questions about a position.

          This use case involves an AI voice caller system designed specifically for recruitment. Candidates interested in a job can call a dedicated number and be guided through a series of questions to assess their suitability for the position. The AI can immediately answer frequently asked questions about the job or schedule an appointment for a more in-depth interview. This system not only facilitates the pre-selection process but also helps convert applications into concrete opportunities by directly scheduling interviews.

          3. Calling leads

          In this case, AI is used to automate the lead generation process. The system can dial numbers from a large list of potential leads, ask questions to assess recruitment needs, and automatically update a database with the qualification status of each lead. The use of AI aims to reduce the routine workload for sales staff, allowing them to focus on more personalized follow-up.

          4. Reactivating candidate lists per call

          In this scenario, AI is used to reactivate former candidates when new job opportunities become available. The system analyzes the details of the new job offer, such as the required skills and experience, and compares them with the interests expressed by candidates in a database. It then identifies potential candidates who might be interested in the new vacancy and uses a voicebot to contact them. This proactive approach ensures that informed and engaged candidates are quickly made aware of new opportunities, optimizing the chances of placement and the distribution of vacancies to relevant parties.

          AI voicebots to handle incoming calls

          24×24 multilingual customer service

          • Appointment scheduling.
          • Job information.
          • Transfer calls to agents.
          • Organizes the information gathered in the CRM.
          • Notifies agents by email.
          • Accessible from the web or from a telephone number.

          AI voicebots to make hundreds of calls

          Voice chatbots for call campaigns

          • Makes calls to candidates.
          • Notifies candidates of new positions.
          • Records responses in CRM.
          • Transfers calls to agents.
          • Carries out prospecting actions.


          Features of IA voicebots for recruitment agencies

          Latest generation synthetic voices: Strikingly realistic voices, available in 30 languages.

          Personalized workflows: Immediate calls to candidates after they have submitted their application, reminders when a new position is advertised, calls at a pre-arranged time… We create the workflow that meets your expectations.

          Seamless integration with other information systems: APIs, databases, etc. Your AI voice bot can interact in real time with external APIs or databases to consult specific information, or to carry out actions such as scheduling appointments.

          Integration of language models such as ChatGPT: The Large Language Model (LLM) is the dynamic heart of your AI voice bot. We integrate leading LLMs such as ChatGPT, Anthropic, and Mistral AI into your AI voice solution.

          Easy access from a website/application or phone number: Your voice chatbot can be accessed directly from your website or application, and/or from a specific telephone number for Callbots.

          Manage incoming and outgoing calls: Manage a large number of calls, both incoming and outgoing, and cope with peaks in demand.

          Live call transfer: Calls can be transferred to a human agent according to predefined criteria, for smooth, personalized management.

          Confidentiality and transparency: Our AI voice agent solutions respect the confidentiality of conversations. We adopt rigorous approaches to data security, using encryption methods to safeguard customer information.

          Greater efficiency and profitability: the return on investment of AI telephone automation

          The use of AI telephone voicebots can significantly transform the financial performance of temporary employment agencies and recruitment firms, particularly in a tight economic climate. This technology can reduce costs while optimizing operational efficiency, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately, these benefits translate into increased profitability and a sustainable reduction in operating costs.

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