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Using AI Voicebots for Greater Efficiency in Your Estate Agency


Estate agents face significant challenges in qualifying leads, with only a fraction converting into actual transactions. To address this need, Versatik is introducing voice chatbots that optimize customer interaction and lead management. 

Gain a competitive edge by automating certain operations and providing 24-hour customer support with near-human voice interactions.



The challenge

The real estate sector is often overwhelmed by the volume of enquiries, making rapid response a challenge, with the risk of losing valuable opportunities.

The solution

Versatik’s AI voice assistants automatically qualify leads by asking relevant questions about budget, preferred location, and property type, quickly assessing the lead’s potential.

    The results

    More efficient lead management through automated lead qualification allows agents to focus on the most promising prospects.

      What is an AI Voicebot for an Estate Agency?

      For a small or medium-sized estate agency, a voicebot is a cutting-edge communication tool powered by conversational artificial intelligence. This voice bot is specially designed to detect, analyse and process human language during an interaction, in order to provide responses that sound natural and intuitive.
      Voicebots enable users to give voice commands and receive feedback that is precisely tailored to their needs. They are particularly useful for instantly answering questions about properties, organising appointments, or managing other more complex requests.
      Interacting with a voicebot is as fluid and straightforward as talking to a real person. The bot responds with its own “voice”, providing an enriched and efficient user experience at a very competitive cost. This technology enables estate agents to streamline their customer communications while significantly improving their service and responsiveness.

        AI voice agents for estate agents: key benefits

        By integrating an AI voice chatbot, your company can radically transform the way it interacts with its customers:

        Immediate access to information: Equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities, AI voicebots provide precise, personalised answers. They have instant access to up-to-date data, ensuring that your customers receive relevant, high-quality information.

        Ease of use: Voice communication greatly simplifies interaction, significantly improving the user experience and making navigation intuitive.

        Reduced costs: Automation by voice chatbots reduces operational costs, freeing your employees from monotonous tasks and allowing them to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

        Efficient management of high call volumes: AI voice agents are designed to effectively manage communication peaks, providing fast and reliable responses during high call volumes.


        Personalisation through data analysis: By exploiting data collected during customer interactions, voicebots provide tailored responses, adapted to the specific needs of each user.

        Enhanced brand image: Adopting this advanced technology demonstrates your commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, strengthening your brand image in the marketplace.

        Optimise operations: AI-powered voice chatbots improve the management of customer requests, streamlining operational processes and improving the overall experience.

        Easy access: Voicebots can be accessed either via a dedicated telephone number or directly from your website, offering unprecedented ease of access for users.

        Inclusivity: The automated interface gives blind people easy access to the information they need, making your website more accessible and interactive.

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        Examples of using a voicebot for an estate agency

          1. Lead Qualification and Appointment Setting Using Voice AI:

          This use case involves an AI system that handles incoming voice calls to qualify leads and arrange appointments automatically. When potential customers make inquiries via a website, instead of waiting for a manual follow-up, an AI voice caller can immediately call them back. The system asks qualifying questions and, depending on the answers, decides whether or not to schedule an appointment. This automation improves efficiency by reducing the need for manual intervention, saving time and money while providing a faster response to requests.

          2. Valuing a Property and Answering Questions

          This use case involves an AI voice caller system specifically designed for property valuation. Homeowners looking to sell their homes can call a dedicated number and be guided through a valuation of their property over the phone. The AI can provide an immediate estimate or schedule an appointment for a more detailed valuation. This system not only speeds up the valuation process but also helps lead conversion by scheduling appointments directly during the call.

          3. Calling leads

          In this case, AI is used to automate the lead calling process. The system can dial from a large list of potential leads, ask questions to gauge people’s interest in selling their homes, and automatically update a database with the qualification status of each lead. The use of AI here aims to improve the efficiency of lead qualification, reducing the routine workload on estate agents and improving the initial screening process before more personalized follow-ups.

          4. Reactivation of Lead Lists by Call

          In this scenario, AI is used to reactivate old leads when a new property is put up for sale. The system analyzes the details of the new listing (such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms) and compares them with the interests expressed by the leads in a database. It then identifies potential leads who might be interested in the new listing and uses a voicebot to contact them. This proactive approach ensures that leads are informed and engaged, and that new ads are distributed to the relevant parties.

          Ai voicebots to handle incoming calls

          • 24×7 Multilingual Customer Service: Provide around-the-clock support in multiple languages.
          • Appointment Scheduling: Automate the process of setting up appointments.
          • Property Information: Offer detailed information about properties to potential buyers.
          • Transfer Calls to Agents: Seamlessly transfer calls to human agents when needed.
          • Organizes Information in the CRM: Automatically updates CRM with gathered information.
          • Notifies Agents by Email: Send notifications to agents about important calls or updates.
          • Accessible from Web or Phone: Customers can reach the voicebot via a website or a telephone number.

          AI Voicebots for Outbound Calls

          • Voice Chatbots for Call Campaigns: Conduct telemarketing campaigns and present properties.
          • Inform Customers of New Properties: Notify customers about new listings.
          • Record Responses in the CRM: Log customer responses and interactions directly into the CRM.
          • Transfer Calls to Agents: Hand off calls to human agents when necessary.
          • ….


            AI voicebots for estate agents: features


            • Unparalleled Accuracy: We use advanced models to transcribe conversations, ensuring exceptional accuracy.

            Latest Generation Synthetic Voices:

            • Striking Realism: Our voicebots offer strikingly realistic voices available in 30 languages, thanks to collaborations with industry leaders such as ElevenLabs, OpenAI, and Deepgram.

            Call Automation in 30 Languages:

            • International Automation: We can automate incoming and outgoing calls worldwide, providing local telephone numbers to maintain close contact with your customers.

            Seamless Integration with Other Information Systems:

            • Real-Time Interactions: Your AI voice bot can interact with external APIs and databases in real time to access specific information, knowledge bases, and perform actions such as scheduling appointments, updating a CRM, or providing order status.

            Integration of Language Models such as ChatGPT:

            • Dynamic AI Core: The Large Language Model (LLM) is the heart of your AI voice bot. We integrate leading LLMs such as ChatGPT, Anthropic, and Mistral AI into your AI voice solution.

            Easy Access from a Website/Application or Telephone Number:

            • Multi-Channel Availability: Your voice chatbot can be accessed directly from your website or application and through a specific telephone number, catering to Callbots.

            Inbound and Outbound Call Management:

            • Efficient Call Handling: Manage large volumes of both incoming and outgoing calls, effectively handling peaks in demand.

            Live Call Transfer:

            • Seamless Human Interaction: Calls can be diverted to a human agent based on predefined criteria, ensuring smooth and personalized management.

            Confidentiality and Transparency:

            • Data Security: Our AI voice agent solutions respect the confidentiality of conversations. We adopt rigorous data security measures, including encryption methods, to safeguard customer information.

            Greater efficiency and profitability: the return on investment of AI telephone automation

            Implementing AI telephone voicebots can have a significant impact on the profitability of an estate agency, especially in a difficult economic environment. This technology helps to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, leading to greater customer satisfaction. In the long term, these benefits lead to increased profitability and a sustainable reduction in operating expenses.


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