Voice chatbots for ecommerce websites 

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More e-commerce sales with a voicebot

Integrating voicebors enhances your e-commerce site with 24/7 availability, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted customer care in multiple languages.

Our voicebots provide near-human quality voice interactions, automating repetitive tasks while enriching the customer experience.


Gain a competitive edge by automating certain operations and providing 24-hour customer support with near-human voice interactions.



The challenge

Operating a call center for an e-commerce site often requires quickly and efficiently handling a high volume of customer inquiries. Excessive call volumes can result in long wait times, which may discourage customers, stress agents, and damage the company’s reputation.

The solution

Integrating voicebots into your customer service infrastructure brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved customer experiences, and multilingual, around-the-clock service.

    The results

    For an e-commerce site, voicebots can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and strengthen customer loyalty—key metrics for any successful business.

      What is an AI voicebot for an e-commerce site?

      For e-commerce platforms, a voicebot is a sophisticated AI-powered system designed for conversational engagement in various spoken languages. This system autonomously handles a wide range of customer queries, from simple inquiries to complex order tracking, without needing human intervention, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce sites.

        AI voice agents for e-commerce sites: key benefits

        • Immediate information access: AI voice chatbots, powered by advanced natural language processing, deliver precise, personalized responses and instant access to the latest data, ensuring high-quality information for customers.

        • Ease of use: Voice communication simplifies interactions, enhancing user experience and making navigation more intuitive.

        • Reduced costs: Automating with voice chatbots lowers operational costs by freeing your staff from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more valuable activities.

        • Increased employee satisfaction: Voice chatbots can answer complex inquiries by retrieving information from internal systems like CRMs, automating inbound calls to let agents focus on specialized tasks requiring human empathy.

        • Efficient call fluctuation management: Voicebots effectively manage call volume fluctuations, optimizing productivity in your call center.

        • Personalization: Voicebots analyze intent and context, providing not just accurate but tailored responses to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each user.

        • Brand enhancement: Adopting this advanced technology demonstrates your commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, strengthening your brand in the market.

        • Operational optimization: AI-powered voice chatbots streamline the management of customer requests, improving operational processes and overall user experience.

        • Accessibility: Voicebots are accessible via a dedicated phone number or directly from your website, enhancing user accessibility.

        • Inclusivity: The automated interface enables visually impaired individuals to access information easily, making your site more accessible and interactive.

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        Examples of using a voicebot for an e-commerce site

          1. Answering product or service queries

          Customers with inquiries about products or services can contact a dedicated number and receive assistance from an AI voicebot. The AI is equipped to provide immediate answers to common questions, address order-related queries, or, if necessary, direct the call to a human agent for specialized assistance. This system not only enhances operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks but also improves the customer experience by reducing wait times and providing instant solutions.

          2. Managing multilingual calls

          In this scenario, AI is utilized to automate the management of incoming calls in multiple languages. The system is capable of automatically answering numerous customer calls, posing questions to assess their needs, and providing precise and relevant responses. Additionally, it can update a database automatically with the status of each call and the information collected, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations.

          3. Tracking orders

          In this scenario, AI is used to manage customer orders in an automated way. The customer calls a voicebot to inquire if their order has been shipped and receives an immediate response.

          4. Following up on abandoned orders

          In this scenario, AI is used to call back customers who have abandoned their shopping carts and offer them a discount. If the customer is interested, they will receive a discount code via email or SMS.

          AI voicebots to handle incoming calls 

          24×24 multilingual customer service

          • Provide information on products/services, promotional campaigns or service consumption
          • Manage call peaks
          • Reduce employee turnover
          • Transfer calls to human agents
          • Organises the information gathered in a CRM or other system
          • Analyses conversations
          • Accessible from a website or telephone number

          AI voicebots to make hundreds of calls

          Voice chatbots for call campaigns

          • Carry out telemarketing actions such as providing information about a promotional campaign or a new product or service
          • Reduce employee turnover
          • Making appointments
          • Information on products and services
          • Transfer calls to human agents
          • Organises the information gathered in a CRM or other system
          • Analysis of conversations
          • Accessible from a website or telephone number

          Characteristics of AI voicebots for ecommerce websites

          • Transcription: We use cutting-edge models to transcribe conversations with unmatched accuracy.
          • Latest-generation synthetic voices: Our voicebots feature stunningly realistic voices in 30 languages, developed in collaboration with industry leaders like ElevenLabs, OpenAI, and Deepgram.
          • Call automation in 30 languages: We automate both incoming and outgoing international calls, providing local numbers for closer customer contact.
          • Seamless system integration: Your AI voicebot can interact with external APIs or databases in real-time to access specific information or perform actions like scheduling appointments, updating CRMs, or providing order status.
          • Integration of advanced language models: We incorporate leading large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Anthropic, and Mistral AI into your voice solution for enhanced interaction capabilities.
          • Easy website/application access: Your voice chatbot is readily accessible from your website or application, and/or via a specific telephone number for optimal user interaction.
          • Inbound and outbound call management: Manage a large volume of calls effectively, handling peaks in demand smoothly.
          • Live call transfer: Calls can be transferred to human agents based on predefined criteria for personalized, responsive management.
          • Confidentiality and data security: We prioritize the privacy of conversations and use advanced encryption methods to protect customer data.

          Greater efficiency and profitability: the ROI of AI phone automation

          Implementing AI telephone voicebots can significantly enhance the profitability of a call center, especially in challenging economic conditions. This technology helps reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased profitability, and a sustainable decrease in operating expenses. 

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