In January 2024, a major event took place: OpenAI announced the opening of its GPT Store to businesses. Now, ChatGPT Plus subscribers as well as users of the Team and Enterprise plans have the opportunity to explore customized GPTs created by a wide range of developers.

In a spirit similar to the app stores of Apple and Google, the platform offered by OpenAI aims to allow users to enrich their existing product with custom features and experiences, tailored to specific use cases. In the future, OpenAI plans to introduce a payment model based on user engagement towards developers and app creators.

This article details how  SEO specialists are leveraging ChatGPT and presents an overview of the most popular custom GPTs currently available, illustrating their integration into comprehensive SEO strategies.

How do SEO professionals use ChatGPT?

Between the introduction of the custom GPT functionality by OpenAI and the official opening of the GPT Store, more than 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT were developed by users in just three months.

SEO experts rely on this AI technology for a variety of tasks, ranging from content creation to keyword research and technical optimizations.

ChatGPT’s ability to understand and produce texts of a quality comparable to that of humans makes it extremely useful at all stages of the content creation process. Additionally, its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities facilitate keyword discovery and strategy formulation.

What are ChatGPT plugins?

ChatGPT plugins, also referred to as “GPT,” are customized versions of ChatGPT that incorporate specific instructions, additional knowledge, and any combination of diverse skills, as specified by OpenAI. Inspired by the app store models of Apple and Google, these plugins offer increased accessibility: creating one’s own GPT requires no coding skills. They can be used for personal or internal business purposes, but can also be made available to the general public.

Here is a selection of GPT for international SEO:

Quality Raters SEO Guide GPT 

The Quality Raters SEO Guide GPT offers valuable insights and content evaluations aligned with Google’s quality criteria. It’s an invaluable resource for creating high-quality content optimized for search engines.

Bramework SEO Booster 

This SEO-focused blog support tool provides key data on keywords, search volume, search result rankings, and SERP features. It’s designed to refine SEO strategies by analyzing relevant keywords and converting YouTube videos into blog posts and social media publications.

Julian Goldie GPT specializes in providing up-to-date and detailed SEO advice and strategies, drawing on a comprehensive knowledge base including the “Link Building Mastery Ebook” and “50 AI SEO & CHATGPT PROMPTS”. This ensures users receive expert recommendations to enhance their online presence and search engine positioning.

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer GPT 

Based on Google’s principles and the expertise of Aleyda Solis, the Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer GPT is tailored to optimize web content to meet search engine requirements and user expectations. It employs the latest SEO strategies and principles to guarantee the production of superior content.

SEO: Search Query Analyzer 

Developed by SEO expert Ann Smarty, the Search Query Analyzer is a specialized GPT aimed at analyzing Google search results. Its goal is to optimize web content by understanding the intent behind user search queries, thus better meeting the needs of the target audience.

SEO by Elevate 

Simply provide a URL, and this GPT will produce a comprehensive on-page SEO analysis, offering recommendations for optimizing titles and content based on specific keywords. It assesses site loading time, identifies broken links, analyzes image use, and checks for mobile compatibility and the presence of a valid SSL certificate, ensuring optimal website performance.

AI Text Generator GPT
Revolutionize your content creation with the AI Text Generator GPT. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to craft everything from captivating product descriptions and engaging social media posts to comprehensive long-form blog articles, in multiple languages. Experience the cutting-edge of ChatGPT Text Generation combined with SEO enhancements for a superior content strategy.

GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot GPT
Introduced by Dr. Marie Haynes, this innovative GPT visualizes the fluctuations in keyword rankings before and after updates, utilizing data from Google Search Console. It provides invaluable insights into the effects of updates on your keyword standings, enabling you to make data-driven SEO decisions.

SEO Blog Content Outline Creator GPT
Developed by Julian Goldie, the SEO Blog Content Outline Creator & Generator is an essential tool for crafting SEO-friendly blog outlines. It aids in structuring your content effectively, ensuring that your blog posts are optimized for search engines and poised for success.

SEO Article Wizard GPT
Sergil Shvets’ SEO Article Wizard provides detailed guidance for creating SEO-optimized articles. It walks you through each step of the article creation process, making sure your content is optimized to attract search engines and generate organic traffic.

Created by S.J., the SEO BlogGPT specializes in enhancing the quality of SEO blog writing. It assists in refining your blog posts to achieve higher search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to your site, thereby elevating your online presence.

G4 Implementation Assistant GPT 

Developed by Ashish Batra, the G4 Implementation Assistant GPT offers indispensable guidance for navigating Google Analytics 4. It simplifies the implementation process and provides essential tips to enhance your website’s analytics, ensuring effective tracking and improved analytical insights.

Post Cheetah SEO GPT 

Created by Mark J Gadala Maria, the Post Cheetah SEO tool delivers instant SEO assessments for any website. It conducts a thorough analysis of your site’s SEO health, pinpointing areas that need improvement and guiding you towards optimizing your site for superior search engine visibility.

She Knows Alt Text GPT 

Nina’s She Knows Alt Text automates the generation of alternative text for blog posts and social media images. This tool streamlines the creation of descriptive alt text, optimizing your images for search engines and enhancing accessibility.

Web Performance Engineer GPT 

The Web Performance Engineer ChatGPT by Darwin Santos specializes in enhancing website performance. It provides detailed advice on increasing your site’s speed and improving the user experience, factors which are crucial for boosting search engine rankings.

SEO Link Building GPT 

Julian Goldie’s SEO Link Building GPT automates the process of acquiring high-quality backlinks, essential for enhancing your website’s authority and improving its position in search engine results.

Web Quality Analyst GPT 

Kristi Hines’ Web Quality Analyst focuses on evaluating content through the lens of EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). It assesses the quality and reliability of your content, ensuring it aligns with Google’s EEAT criteria.

SEO Topical Map Maker GPT 

The SEO Topical Map Maker by Julian Goldie aids in creating structured SEO topical maps. This tool is invaluable for organizing your content around specific themes, thus boosting your site’s relevance and search engine discoverability.

FREE Keyword Clustering Tool GPT 

Julian Goldie’s Keyword Clustering Tool enhances your SEO strategy by grouping related keywords, preventing duplication and cannibalization. It ensures a coherent keyword strategy, with each keyword targeting a distinct facet of your content.

Jarvis the SEO Expert GPT 

Zeo’s Jarvis the SEO Expert GPT brings specialized knowledge in SEO analysis and strategy, covering aspects from technical SEO to content optimization. It offers expert insights and actionable tips to elevate your site’s search engine presence and attract organic traffic.