Ai agents to reach international markets

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Offer immediate, personalized, multilingual customer service 24/7, all powered by cutting-edge generative AI.

Reduce your costs, improve your customer service, and gain a competitive edge!

Ai agents for exports and more 

Effortlessly communicate with your customers in multiple languages using AI agents from Versatik. An AI agent is a tool capable of performing tasks autonomously and adapting to specific situations. It gathers information, analyzes it, and acts according to the circumstances encountered.

Versatik’s AI agents utilize natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and generative AI models for intelligent, contextually adapted conversations. They can handle complex queries and provide personalized responses with more empathy than traditional chatbots.

Discover AI voicebots

A voicebot, or callbot, is an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of communicating with users through speech.


  • Improved customer service: 24/7 availability to answer questions and complete tasks.
  • Faster communication: Instant interactions and responses reduce waiting times.
  • Enhanced user experience: Natural speech interaction improves accessibility for all, including the visually impaired.
  • Lower costs: Automating repetitive tasks increases productivity and reduces customer call handling costs.
  • Complementarity with human agents: Allows human agents to focus on more complex and rewarding tasks.
  • Flexibility and multitasking: Capable of managing several tasks simultaneously, unlike traditional IVR systems.
  • Multilinguilism: 30 languages available
  • Accessible through both the web or phone

Listen to a call generated by voicebot

AI Voicebots 

Custom-designed AI voicebots to streamline your operations, optimize your customer support, and enhance your lead generation campaigns.. A

AI chatbots 

AI-driven multilingual chatbots to boost your international sales and offer 24×24 customer service.  A

AI automation

A personalized service to automate your workflows. Lower your costs and become more competitive with Versatik! A

Versatik: conversational AI for export companies

Harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence to support companies in their international expansion.

Achieve efficient and innovative international growth with Versatik. Welcome to Versatik, your e-export partner.




Generative AI for greater competitiveness

Generative AI is often used to create content or translate within companies. While this approach is interesting, it does not fully exploit the potential of generative AI. Other aspects of the export process offer significant opportunities for enhancement and innovation.

Automate, cut costs, offer new product and services

With Versatik, streamline your operations, reduce costs, and introduce new products and services thanks to generative AI, while ensuring your success in foreign markets.

By integrating LLMs such as ChatGPT with automation services such as or Zapier, we can help your company become more efficient.

The AI solutions we are working with

Today, Versatik supports companies in their local and international expansion by leveraging a variety of Large Language Models and solutions, including:

Navigating the dynamic frontier of Generative AI for your international success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Versatik stands as a trusted guide through the intricate maze of algorithms. Every day, groundbreaking algorithms emerge, with giants like OpenAI introducing tools like ChatGPT, DALL·E, and Whispers. Yet, beyond these well-known names, there exists a plethora of other influential algorithms, such as Google’s Bard, Meta’s SeamlessM4T, and offerings from Anthropic.

It’s a vast and sometimes overwhelming space, but this is where Versatik’s expertise shines. We’re not just familiar with these technologies; we know how to integrate them into your business processes. Generative AI is a multifaceted tool, extending beyond just Natural Language Generation. It offers transformative possibilities in areas like speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion, and image recognition. With Versatik by your side, you’re not just leveraging AI; you’re harnessing its full potential tailored to your needs.