Enhancing Website Optimization for a Multilingual Electrical Instrument Portal with Versatik

Use case

The Strategic Advantage of using Generative AI for Website Optimization and SEO

An established company, boasting a vast catalogue of electrical instruments, had expanded its digital reach by translating its website into six languages. However, despite the linguistic inclusivity, they faced a significant challenge: their website was inadequately optimized, especially concerning vital SEO elements such as meta titles, meta descriptions, and image text alt attributes.


  • The primary issue lay in the insufficiency of SEO optimization across thousands of pages in all six languages.
  • This inadequacy directly impacted the website’s visibility on search engines, causing a reduction in potential traffic and, consequently, sales.

Project requirements

  • SEO optimization of meta titles, meta descriptions, and image text alt attributes for thousands of pages in six languages.
  • Ensure that the optimization aligns with the brand’s voice, the specificities of the electrical instrument domain, and the cultural nuances of each language.

Solution implemented by Versatik

  • Leveraging the power of AI, Versatik initiated a comprehensive extraction process, meticulously pulling content from the diverse webpages.

  • AI-driven analysis identified strategic areas on the webpage that needed immediate attention and optimization.

  • Using this data, Versatik generated optimized meta titles, meta descriptions, and image text alts tailored to each of the six languages. This customization ensured that the content was not only SEO-friendly but also culturally and contextually relevant.

  • The entire optimization process culminated in a well-structured CSV file, ready for seamless integration into the company’s database.



  • The website witnessed a surge in clicks due to the revamped meta elements, which significantly enhanced its visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Over time, this increased click-through rate (CTR) coupled with relevant content optimization led to improved rankings on search engines.
  • The company experienced not only a boost in organic traffic but also an uptick in potential leads and sales, affirming the paramount importance of website optimization in today’s digital age.

With Versatik’s expertise, businesses can effortlessly bridge the gap between multi-language content and optimal website performance, ensuring they achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


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