International market analysis and generative AI

AI-enabled Consumer Intelligence


The rising prominence of Generative AI, known for its capacity to create new datasets and interpret existing information on a large scale, is revolutionizing the landscape of data analytics and business intelligence.

Utilizing Generative AI solutions can significantly enhance and automate your organization’s market analysis initiatives.

  • Sentiment Analysis for Global Markets
  • Competitor Analysis Through Web Analytics Tools
  • Predictive Analytics for International Trends
  • Global Consumer Segmentation
  • Image and Video Analysis for Global Content
  • Voice AI agents for market research
  • Voice and Speech Analysis Across Languages
  • International Social Media Listening
  • Multilingual Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Demand Forecasting for Global Markets
  • Secondary research

How do we use AI for market research

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the field of market research, offering sophisticated tools for collecting, analysing and deriving actionable insights from a plethora of data. These AI-driven applications are particularly useful for companies looking to expand internationally, as they provide a precise understanding of global consumer behaviour, enabling them to refine strategies and make appropriate decisions.

Sentiment analysis
AI-based sentiment analysis tools can sift through large sets of textual data, such as social media conversations, customer feedback or chatbot conversations. An invaluable aid for companies wishing to assess the feelings of customers from different cultures and in different languages.

Example: We can analyse customer sentiment in different countries following a product launch, in order to adapt marketing strategies.

Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis tools provide a better understanding of the competition in different markets. These tools track a variety of data, such as traffic to competing websites. By analysing this data, Versatik can gain insight into what strategies are working for competitors in different international markets. This allows your company to identify gaps and make informed decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

Example: Versatik can analyse the effectiveness of competitors’ SEO strategies or the popularity of certain products. This data can then be used to refine international marketing strategies, ensuring that they are aligned with market trends and consumer preferences in different regions.

Predictive analysis of international trends
AI can examine data to identify and predict future market trends.

Example: Use predictive analysis to anticipate product demand, and optimise marketing actions and product stocks accordingly.

Consumer segmentation
AI algorithms can segment consumers into distinct groups based on their demographic characteristics and preferences, to develop localised marketing strategies.

Example: Versatik can identify customer segments in different countries and tailor marketing campaigns according to local cultures and preferences.

Image analysis
AI tools can analyse visual content to detect brand elements, objects and even emotions, helping to understand how international audiences interact with visual media.

Example: Versatik can analyse user-generated content from different countries for effective global marketing campaigns.

Multilingual conversation analysis
AI can transcribe and analyse customer interactions in multiple languages to better understand international customers and identify areas for improvement.

Example: Versatik can evaluate customer service calls from different countries to improve the customer experience.

International social network monitoring
AI tools can monitor conversations on social networking platforms around the world, providing insights into consumer behaviour and emerging trends.

Example: Versatik can track brand mentions in different countries to make data-driven marketing decisions and improve engagement with a global audience.

Multilingual chatbots and virtual assistants
AI chatbots can interact with consumers in multiple languages, collect data and offer personalised recommendations, which is crucial for customer engagement.

Example: Versatik can deploy multilingual chatbots to provide 24/7 global customer support and analyse conversations, improving satisfaction among international customers.

Demand forecasting for global markets
AI can predict future demand based on a variety of factors, helping global businesses optimise inventory and resource allocation.

Example: Versatik can predict demand for products in different countries, optimising the supply chain and inventory management on a global scale.

Secondary research
Small and large businesses use secondary research, also known as desk research, for tasks such as market exploration, pricing strategy formulation and supplier analysis. AI technology can quickly sift through vast amounts of secondary data, identifying trends in seconds. The increasing move towards digitisation has also made a multitude of resources such as magazines and reports readily available online, providing AI with a vast pool of data to analyse.

Market research with voice AI bots: from data collection to insightful analysis

Voice AI bots offer a transformative approach to conducting market research by streamlining the process of gathering consumer insights directly through phone interactions.

Here’s how it works: our AI-powered bot initiates calls to a curated list of phone numbers, engaging participants in natural, human-like conversations designed to collect specific information relevant to the research objectives. Throughout this interaction, the bot adeptly navigates through predefined questionnaires, collecting answers in a flexible way. This capability ensures a rich and nuanced collection of data, mirroring the depth traditionally achieved through face-to-face interviews.

Upon completion of each call, the bot automatically uploads the collected data to a secure database. Then AI algorithms take over. These algorithms analyze the data, identifying patterns, trends, and insights that might not be immediately apparent, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior, preferences, and emerging market trends. This e automation not only significantly reduces the time and resources typically required for market research but also enhances the accuracy and relevance of the insights derived, enabling businesses to make informed strategic decisions swiftly.

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By leveraging these AI applications in market research, Versatik can help you drive sales by understanding and catering to global consumer behavior.

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