Comprehensive Website Translation for Ecommerce Companies

Use case

The Strategic Advantage of Combining Generative AI with Machine Translation for Website Localization 

An ecommerce company approached Versatik with the challenge of translating their expansive product catalog. With thousands of products, the traditional translation methods were deemed too expensive and time-consuming. The company was in search of a solution that could ensure speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy in translation while keeping SEO optimization at the forefront.

Project requirements

  • Speed: The translation needed to be executed swiftly without compromising on quality.
  • Consistency: It was essential to maintain uniformity in the translation process to ensure the brand’s voice remained consistent.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Traditional translation methods were proving to be expensive. An affordable solution was sought.
  • SEO-focused Vocabulary: The translation had to incorporate keywords vital for SEO purposes, ensuring the website remains competitive in search rankings.
  • Brand Vocabulary: The company’s unique brand vocabulary had to be seamlessly integrated into the translation.
  • Glossary Integration: A glossary containing key terms and their translations had to be incorporated to maintain consistency.
  • Transcreation: This involved adapting meta elements like meta descriptions and meta tags to ensure they resonate with the target audience while retaining the original intent.
  • Comprehensive SEO optimization: All key elements like image alt texts, URLs, and documents required translation to ensure the website’s SEO wasn’t compromised.

Solution implemented by Versatik

  • Keyword Research: Using SEM Rush, an in-depth keyword analysis was performed. This helped in understanding the most searched terms related to the products, which would be crucial for SEO.

  • Creation of Glossary: Based on the keyword research, a comprehensive glossary was developed. This glossary was integrated into the translation process to ensure consistency.

  • Translation Process: Using advanced tools like DeepL and GPT-4, the majority of the product descriptions were translated. These tools ensured a quick, accurate, and cost-effective translation process.

  • Human Verification: To guarantee the quality of translation, human translators reviewed the top 10% of the products. This ensured that the translations were not just accurate but also resonated with the intended audience.

With Versatik’s innovative approach combining technology with human expertise, the ecommerce company successfully translated 3,000 product descriptions. Not only was this achieved at a fraction of the traditional translation cost, but the project was also completed in just a few days. The client was immensely satisfied with the quality, speed, and affordability of the solution provided by Versatik.

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