Email Outreach Powered by AI for a Tourism Goodies Campaign

Use case

Using Generative AI to create a personalized email campaign

A leading company specializing in creating bespoke goodies for tourists recognized an opportunity to expand its services. They decided to target tourism offices, offering them a range of tailor-made goodies that would resonate with visitors to their respective areas.



While the company had a unique offering, reaching out to numerous tourism offices and crafting a personalized message for each seemed daunting. They needed an approach that would not only capture the essence of each tourist destination but also be scalable and efficient.

Project requirements

  • Extract detailed information on destinations, their tourist appeal, and other relevant data from their websites.
  • Analyze the extracted data to gain actionable insights, ensuring that the company’s marketing strategy aligns with market demands for an impactful message.

The solution

  • Database Compilation: Versatik began by accumulating a comprehensive database of tourist offices. This was achieved through diligent research, leveraging open data sources, and tapping into industry networks.

  • Content Extraction: Using AI-powered tools, we extracted key tourist points and attractions for each destination. Websites like Wikipedia served as rich repositories for this information. This data provided insights into what made each destination unique.

  • AI-Personalized Email Crafting: With the data in hand, we employed advanced AI algorithms, like GPT-4, to craft hyper-personalized emails for each tourism office:

    • Title: Using dynamic placeholders, the email titles mentioned the specific destination, making it immediately relevant to the recipient.
    • Personalized Intro: The introduction highlighted unique aspects of the destination, showcasing the company’s in-depth knowledge and research.
    • Offer of Services: The core of the email detailed how their range of goodies could be tailored to represent the essence of the destination, enhancing the tourist experience.
  • Recurrent Personalization: To keep the outreach fresh and relevant, Versatik integrated Google Alerts into their system. This allowed the customer to stay updated with the latest news and events related to each tourist destination. AI then analyzed these alerts to craft follow-up emails, ensuring that the goodies they offered were always in line with current events and trends.

  • Other possibilities: image personalization could have been used !


The AI-powered email outreach campaign resulted in a significant increase in engagement from tourism offices. The personalized touch, backed by relevant data, made the emails stand out in crowded inboxes. Many tourism offices expressed interest, leading to fruitful partnerships. Impressed by the results, the company decided to adopt this AI-driven, hyper-personalized approach as a recurring strategy to taget other markets, ensuring they always remained in sync with the dynamic world of tourism.

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