Mass Video Translation for Multi-market Reach

Use case

Using Generative AI to translate videos

An innovative company with a vast portfolio of product videos approached Versatik, eager to tap into international markets. Their goal was to make their content accessible to French and Spanish-speaking audiences, expanding their brand reach and engagement.



Translating dozens of videos wasn’t just about converting words from one language to another; it was about preserving the original intent, tone, and context. Additionally, syncing translated audio with video visuals presented its own set of challenges, especially given the linguistic nuances of French.

Project requirements

  • Download videos from website
  • Analyze the videos, translate maintaining the tone and using the company vocabulary
  • Publish the translated videos

The solution

  • Speech-to-Text Transcription: Versatik began by extracting audio from the product videos and converting it into text. This step ensured that every word, pause, and intonation was captured and ready for translation.
  • Generative AI Translation: Leveraging the power of generative AI, Versatik translated the transcribed content into French and Spanish. Not only was this method cost-effective, but it also ensured high-quality translations that maintained the essence of the original content. However, due to the unique structure and rhythm of the French and Spanish languages, synchronization presented some challenges. A glossarie was created to maintain the tone of the company.
  • Quality Audio Production: After translation, the next step was audio production. Versatik employed state-of-the-art text-to-speech solutions to generate audio in the target languages. This ensured that the voiceovers were clear, natural-sounding, and engaging.
  • Synchronization and Integration: One of the most intricate parts of the process was syncing the translated audio with the video. Versatik’s expertise ensured that the audio matched the video’s pacing, with special attention paid to the French translations to ensure flawless synchronization.
  • Optimized Video Hosting: Once the videos were ready, they were hosted on a high-speed CDN, ensuring quick and seamless delivery to end-users across the globe.


Armed with their newly translated videos, the company launched aggressive marketing campaigns on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, targeting French and Spanish-speaking audiences. The results were astounding. The videos garnered significant attention, driving engagement and conversions in these new markets. The approach adopted by Versatik, especially the multi-voice capability and perfect audio-video synchronization, set the company apart in a competitive landscape. It became a testament to the power of leveraging technology for global outreach.

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