Versatik’s Multilingual E-Learning Course Creation

Use case

Using Generative AI to create an online course in 3 languages

A renowned osteopathy professional sought to disseminate his unique methodology to a global audience through an online course. The course needed to be accessible in French, English, and Spanish, catering to students in various regions. Versatik, a company specializing in AI solutions, was approached to tackle the challenges associated with creating a comprehensive e-learning platform.


The osteopathy expert had amassed a wealth of handwritten notes and documents over the years. These materials needed to be digitized, translated, and transformed into a structured online course. The course had to include written content and videos in three languages and be integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS). Additionally, the course owner required the ability to update content easily, and students needed a mechanism to ask questions about the course. All these had to be achieved cost-effectively, utilizing the right technology.

Project requirements

  • Utilize OCR technology to digitize handwritten documents.
  • Organize and structure the content for e-learning.
  • Produce educational videos in three languages using existing footage.
  • Enable easy content updates and student interaction.
  • Translate content affordably without compromising quality.

The solution

  • OCR Recognition: Versatik initiated the project by deploying OCR technology to extract text from the handwritten documents. This meticulous process ensured that all details were digitized accurately, setting the foundation for the subsequent steps.
  • Generative AI Redaction: With the text digitized, Versatik used generative AI to reorganize and structure the content, making it suitable for an online course format. The AI was also employed to rewrite the content where necessary, with human proofreading following to ensure accuracy and coherence.
  • Translation: Leveraging generative AI, Versatik translated the content into English and Spanish. This approach was not only cost-effective but also maintained the integrity of the original material. A specialized glossary was developed to guarantee the correct use of technical terminology throughout the translations.
  • Quality Audio Production: The translated content was then used to produce high-quality audio for the course videos. Versatik utilized advanced text-to-speech technology to create clear, natural-sounding voiceovers in all three languages, enhancing the e-learning experience.
  • Chatbot Integration: To support students, Versatik implemented a FAQ chatbot within the course. This chatbot was trained to provide accurate answers to technical queries by referencing the course content directly in multiple languages. This feature ensured that students received precise information and minimized misunderstandings or incorrect information (hallucinations).


The osteopathy professional successfully launched a 20-hour online course in three languages, significantly expanding the reach of his osteopathy concept. The course was well-received, with students appreciating the ease of access to content and the ability to interact through the integrated chatbot. Versatik’s solution not only met the project’s requirements but also set a new standard for creating multilingual e-learning courses.

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