OpenAi Custom GPTs for reservation process automation

Use case

Streamlining and automating reservation processes for a nutritionist using OpenAI Custom GPT Models, Zapier, Stripe and Google Calendar

This use case explores how Versatik, an AI automation agency, leveraged OpenAI’s Custom GPT technology to transform the reservation process of a Barcelona-based nutritionist. The goal was to automate interactions, streamline booking procedures, and enable the nutritionist to provide services on an international scale.


The nutritionist faced several challenges:

– Inefficient manual booking process limiting the number of clients handled per day.
– Difficulty in addressing international clients due to language barriers.
– Inability to efficiently capture client details and provide personalized responses in an automated way
– Time-consuming payment and scheduling procedures.

Project requirements

Versatik was tasked with:

– Implementing an AI-based solution to automate the reservation and client interaction process.
– Enabling multi-language support to cater to international clients.
– Integrating with Google Calendar for streamlined scheduling.
– Automating the payment process with personalized links.

The solution

Versatik approached the problem with a four-fold solution:

 Custom GPT-Based Lead Generation Chatbot:

– A chatbot equipped with a tailored knowledge base about nutrition was set up.
– The AI was trained to handle queries, provide basic nutrition advice, and engage potential clients, ensuring 24/7 availability.

 Client Detail Capture:

– The chatbot was programmed to capture essential client details in a conversational manner, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Automated Booking through Google Calendar:

– Integration with Google Calendar allowed the chatbot to book appointments based on the nutritionist’s availability, streamlining the scheduling process.

Payment Link Automation:

– The system automatically generated and sent a payment link in the client’s language post-booking, simplifying the payment process with Stripe, enabling distant video consultations


The implementation of this AI-driven solution had significant impacts:
– Increased Efficiency: The nutritionist was able to handle more clients daily due to the automated booking system.
– International Clientele: Multi-language support opened up international markets, increasing client diversity.
– Enhanced Customer Experience: Automated, personalized interactions and simplified scheduling/payment processes improved client satisfaction.
– Scalability: The solution provided a scalable model that could be adapted for other professionals seeking to automate and internationalize their services.

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